International Youth Festival - 2003 - Prague

International Youth Festival in Czech Republic

International Youth Festival - 2003 - Prague
International Youth Festival - 2003 - Prague

River Festival in the Czech Republic: The theme of the 9th International Youth Festival in 2003 was “Who’s your hero?”, with an emphasis on East-West relations.

Delegates were:

  • 32 Czechs
  • 28 Americans
  • 21 Icelanders
  • 20 Hungarians
  • 8 Romanians
  • 8 Dutch
  • 6 Slovaks
  • 1 French
  • 1 Australian
  • 1 Polish
  • 1 German
  • 1 Brit

Total of 128 gathered at the banks of the Vltava river south of Prague from July 13-19 for an inspiring time of building bridges.

Bridgebuilder Interns Stephanie Potter, Jenni Klein, Jana Sazeckova, Heather Graber and Peter Szabo together with Summer interns Ed and Amber festival director Bohunka Tominova did a fabulous job orchestrating the festival.

Comments from participants

  • From New York Mr O (Lamont O’Neil)
    This is our 4th festival already. For the Gents these festivals are the highlight of their tour. To meet youth from other cultures in such a good and pleasant surrounding where they can be themselves, share and perform and learn from others is just a really good experience.
  • From Iceland - Eirikus Valberg
    For us to be there was great. Most of our teens have never travelled with a group before or met teens from other cultures. All the teens loved it and are asking to go again next year. It was great for us spiritually and morally to be at the festival and we´ll definitely come back.
  • From Hungary - Barbara Hohnert, English teacher
    Thank you , thank you, thank you for inviting us to this beautiful region of the Czech Republic, to this awesome festival. We could hardly leave the camp site. Everybody wanted to stay. It was a really nice time together with people from different countries. We have got great experiences. The programmes were cool, and the Nubian Gents were amazing. Their performances were fantastic, their attitude towards things was unbelievable. I haven't clapped as much in my whole life as I did here. I haven't even laughed that much within one week. We enjoyed everything very much. How can we continue this ? Our students would like to go to the next festival too. Even if it is in Belgium. So you can count on us.