Saturday, 10 September 2016

International Youth Festival 2016

written by John Oostdyk

A great festival in Slovenia!

International Youth Festival 2016
Beware of the Mystery

Young people from seven countries meet to discover the mystery of life in Slovenia.

They came from seven countries; Norway, Romania, Slovenia, The Netherlands, the USA, Czech Republic and Hungary, to a small town in rural Slovenia, Murska Sobota. It was the 20th festival organised by Atlantic Bridge.  The theme was: Be aware of the Mystery.

Here are some of the stories:

"'Our Bridgebuilders are so enthousasitic after this festival, Especially the contact with the Romanian youth was so much fun, so next year they want to go to Romania.  That we were in the country in the middle of nowhere, made it all the better. No distractions and we could really focus on meeting each other and discovering our cultures, problems, concerns and faith."      Reinjet Oostdijk, Kruiningen

A Czech girl in my small group was amazed by the talk about respecting the earth as God's creation. It was the first time she experienced that others cared about the same things she cares about, and they were Christian.
Kendra Hoover, youth leader from Norway

And what about what Vladi Caluser from Romania wrote

"In this festival I have learned that anything can be overcome with the power of love, not looking with your physical eyes, judging, but by looking with the eyes of your heart.  I also have learned that this is how to know God better, because He gave His only begotten Son because He loved the world so much. By learning to love each other, we get to find out more about God, about how awesome He is, about His Mystery. By building bridges of love, anything can be overcome."

Vladi Caluser from Romania